Completed Projects

Name Description Policy Concern Category BopCo Coordinator Partner
AFRFF DNA barcoding of selected samples of African fruit flies of agricultural importance. Plant pests Kenny Meganck CRI
BIFILAR Barcoding of forensically important flies of La Réunion. Forensic insects Kenny Meganck RMCA Invertebrates
  Investigating the efficacy of trapping systems for the monitoring of Afrotropical fruit flies. Plant pests Kenny Meganck CRI, JEMU
TFLAN Identification and phylogeny of the Flemish Trichoptera (Insecta). Bioindicators, Environmental Quality Sophie Gombeer University of Antwerp
Larus Generating new COI barcodes to complement the existing sequence reference libraries for the seagull genus Larus. Bird strikes Kenny Meganck RMCA Ornithology Collection
  Screening the occurrence and spread of Caenoplana bicolor, a potentially invasive introduced alien terrestrial flatworm, in Belgium. Invasive species Thierry Backeljau INBO
AVIHG DNA-based identification of intermediate slug hosts infected with lungworms, in the framework of an epidemiological survey in Germany. Parasitology Yoo Ree Van Bourgonie Institute of Parasitology Gießen

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