Examples of possible and performed requests which fall under the scope of BopCo:

  • The justice department demands accurate identifications of forensically important flies to help estimate the post mortem interval.
  • Bird strikes represent a genuine risk for civilian and military planes and authorities need to know the concerned bird species to take appropriate action in order to prevent crashes.
  • The food safety administration wants to confirm the species of clams and escargots on sale in supermarkets to ensure there is no food fraud.
  • The customs agency suspects a confiscated import belonging to a CITES protected species and wishes to know if this concerns illegal trade.
  • The owner of a gardening centre discovers something is harming the new sprouts and asks to identify the organisms so proper steps can be taken to contain and eradicate.
  • A stock farmer needs a quick identification of a parasite/pathogen in order to estimate the risk of further contamination and employ appropriate quarantine procedures.
  • An antiquities dealer is interested in the species identity of animal skin parts processed in a ceremonial mask.

This list of examples is indicative, but by no means limited. Species identification requests will only be executed insofar they comply with the scope of the BopCo project.

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