Online courses: Species Identification Made Easy

This online course is organized by the Biodiversity Institute of Guelph University. The lessons will inform applicants in the methods and applications of DNA barcoding, PCR, next generation sequencing and more.

Topics for "Species Identification Made Easy" include:

  • Foundations of DNA Barcoding
  • Community standards and best practices
  • DNA Barcode analytics
  • DNA Barcoding and Taxonomy
  • Applied DNA Barcoding I (Ecology, Conservation Biology & Evolution)
  • Applied DNA Barcoding II (Food safety, Pest and Health Management, Invasive Species)
  • Applied DNA Barcoding III (Bio-surveillance, Habitat Monitoring)
  • Future trends in DNA Barcoding

Full online courses takes 8-weeks and will be offered at intervals during the year. Additional information on the courses can be found here and contact information here.

Registration for other courses, e.g. on MetaBarcoding or Forensic Applications will be opened lateron in the year through their website.

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