BopCo Services

The Barcoding of Organisms and tissues of Policy Concern project (BopCo) is meant to provide access to the knowledge and infrastructure necessary to identify biological samples of policy concern. We intend to operate as a focal point in order to connect individuals in need of an accurate and rapid identification with taxonomic experts who possess the necessary know-how and means to identify specific sample(s) and to provide background information on the organisms they identified.

BopCo and  the consulted experts, will employ morphological species traits, DNA-barcoding, and, if needed or relevant, still other DNA technologies, to identify biological materials. Our service is available to all stakeholders who deal with biological materials of policy concern and who need a rapid and accurate identification, yet species identification requests will only be executed insofar they comply with the scope of the BopCo project. Moreover, species identification costs may be charged. For more information please refer to the menu on the left or contact us directly.

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