Event: 7th iBOL Conference (updated)

The African Centre for DNA Barcoding (ACDB) and the University of Johannesburg (UJ) host the 7th International Barcode of Life (iBOL) Conference from November 20 to 24, 2017. This event will be held in Skukuza, Kruger National Park within the heart of African wildlife.

The event will highlight, support and encourage African researchers across the continent and hopes to link them up with the global barcoding network. The conference format will include plenary lectures, parallel sessions comprising invited and contributed/selected talks as well as poster presentations. The optional first day (20 November) will be devoted to training workshops.

More information on the Conference programme and for registration can be found on the event page.

The BopCo team will be represented by two members who will present the following research topics:

  • “Authenticating fish and seafood products for sale on the Belgian market”:

Presenting an exploratory survey on a broad taxonomic range of seafood species with the aim to identify those fish and seafood products most subjective to mislabeling in Belgium, while also further optimizing the identifications techniques.

  • “Aliens in Europe”:

Presentation on the up-to-date status and difficulties we encounter when performing identifications of IAS using molecular tools and methods.

  • “Solving crimes: A forensic beetles (Staphylinidae) barcode database for Belgium”

Presenting a barcode reference library with optimized laboratory protocols allowing forensic investigators to quickly and accurately identify rove beetles found on corpses at all life stages.


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