Event: Zoology 2017 (updated)

This year the Wageningen University organizes the annual Zoology Congress facilitated by the Royal Dutch Zoological Society in cooperation with The Royal Belgian Society for Zoology. On Thursday 23th and Friday 24th of November, researchers will present their topics in the Hof van Wageningen, Hotel and Conference Centre. 

The broader theme of this year's symposium is 'Genotype-phenotype map: from model systems to ecosystems'. Parallel sessions from a range of research field are held in alternation with talks by invited plenary speakers from abroad. A preliminary programme is available here.

BopCo researchers will be attending to present the following topics:

  • Invasive Alien Species in Belgium (IAS): examining the utility of Genbank and BOLD for species identifications
  • Monitoring of Exotic MOsquitoes in Belgium (MEMO): molecular validations of morphological species identifications
  • DNA barcoding and identification of intermediate slug hosts in the framework of an epidemiological survey in Germany
  • Validating fish and seafood labelling using DNA barcoding


For more information on the event and registration, please refer to the announcement site here.

Mon, 2017-10-16 10:32 -- BopCo
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