Registration for the Users & Stakeholders Meeting is now open!

The next edition of the Users & Stakeholders Meeting will be organized on 15 and 16 October 2020. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, this year's edition of the LifeWatch Users & Stakeholders Meeting will be entirely online!

On day 1 (October 15th) the Belgian LifeWatch partners will bring a series of user stories, while on day 2 (October 16th), specific aspects of the Belgian LifeWatch infrastructure will be demonstrated.

Registration is mandatory. Please register here.
After registration you will receive a personal Zoom link that will be valid for both days.

Day 1 – Thursday October 15th 2020: User stories
10:00-10:20:    General introduction LifeWatch Belgium
10:20-10:35:    The World Ocean Assessment, a global exercise supported by the LifeWatch Species Information Backbone (Leen Vandepitte, VLIZ)
10:35-10:50:    Downstream migration through a shipping canal: challenges on the road (Jenna Vergeynst, UGent)
10:50-11:00:    Interactive questionnaire: which training is needed in the future?
11:00-11:15:    Comparison of methods to model species habitat networks for decision-making in nature conservation: the case of the wildcat in southern Belgium (Axel Bourdouxhe, LifeWatch-WB)
11:15-11:30:    mARS/POLA3R (
11:30-11:45:    The need for accurate and comprehensive DNA sequence databases to reliably identify species of policy concern (Kenny Meganck and Sophie Gombeer, BopCo)
11:45-12:00:    15 minutes of questions
12:00-12:10:    Closure of day 1 (outlook, prospects)

Day 2 – Friday October 16th 2020: Demonstrations
10:00-10:05:    Short introduction
10:05-10:25:    LifeWatch data R package (VLIZ)
10:25-10:45:    Agouti: A platform for managing wildlife camera-trapping projects (INBO)
10:45-11:05:    Exploring the landscape via the ecotopes with GIS software (LifeWatch-WB)
11:05-11:25:    POLA3R (
11:25-11:45:    The process of DNA-based species identification: bushmeat as a case story (BopCo)

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