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PageBopCo Publications Kenny Meganck02 weeks 4 days ago
PageBopCo Projects Kenny Meganck01 month 1 week ago
PageDetecting the invasive African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis) using environmental DNA (eDNA) from aquatic samples Ann Vanderheyden01 month 1 week ago
News ItemEMCA – 10th International Conference BopCo01 month 2 weeks ago
News ItemLifeWatch - Biodiversity Day 2021 BopCo01 month 2 weeks ago
PageInvasive Alien Species (IAS) factsheets Kenny Meganck01 month 4 weeks ago
News ItemFirst Detections of Culiseta longiareolata (Diptera: Culicidae) in Belgium and the Netherlands BopCo02 months 3 weeks ago
PageMEMO: Monitoring of Exotic Mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in Belgium Sophie Gombeer06 months 3 weeks ago
PageInvestigation of the population genetics of Aedes japonicus (Diptera: Culicidae) in Belgium Sophie Gombeer07 months 1 week ago
PageTeam members Kenny Meganck07 months 1 week ago
PageOverview of processed requests BopCo07 months 3 weeks ago
PageAliens in Europe: Identifying Invasive Land Planarians by DNA-barcoding using currently available sequence data Ann Vanderheyden07 months 4 weeks ago
News ItemPopulation genetic structure of the invasive Asian bush mosquito in Belgium BopCo08 months 3 days ago
News ItemPublication records new exotic mosquito species for Belgium BopCo09 months 1 week ago
PageExploring the Bushmeat market in Brussels Sophie Gombeer09 months 3 weeks ago
PageBopCo Services BopCo011 months 1 week ago
News ItemOur bushmeat research in NewScientist BopCo011 months 3 weeks ago
News ItemBopCo publication exposing the clandestine bushmeat market in Brussels BopCo01 year 1 week ago
News ItemFactsheets; Overview of the available sequence data for DNA-based species identification of invasive flatworms in Europe. BopCo01 year 1 week ago
PageDNA barcoding and identification of intermediate slug hosts in the framework of an epidemiological survey in Germany Sophie Gombeer01 year 2 weeks ago
PageContact Kenny Meganck01 year 3 weeks ago
News ItemRegistration for the Users & Stakeholders Meeting is now open! BopCo01 year 2 months ago
News ItemThe latest Science Connection features an article on the work of BopCo. BopCo01 year 4 months ago
News ItemPublication on the identification of gastropods of parasitological concern for pets in Greece. BopCo01 year 4 months ago
PageIdentifying gastropods of parasitological concern for pets in Greece Sophie Gombeer01 year 4 months ago


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