2 Vacancies BopCo MSc and PostDoc

We are looking for replacements for the MSc position (RMCA) and post Doc position (RBINS) on the BELSPO funded BopCo project stationed in the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and Royal Museum of Central Africa.

More information on the job responsibilities, needed competences and benefits in the below links:

NL: https://www.naturalsciences.be/nl/about-us/organisation/jobs#anchor22575 (RBINS) or https://www.africamuseum.be/nl/about_us/jobs (RMCA)

FR: https://www.naturalsciences.be/fr/about-us/organisation/jobs (RBINS) or https://www.africamuseum.be/fr/about_us/jobs (RMCA)


PLEASE NOTE THE SHORT TIMELINE: August 15th 2023 is the deadline for applications and interviews will be held on 23rd of August.

Letter of motivation and CV need to be send to thierry.backeljau@naturalsciences.be with the heading "BOPCO-CE vacancy PhD" or "BOPCO-CE vacancy Msc".

For questions or more information on the vancancies kindly contact: Thierry Backeljau (thierry.backeljau@naturalsciences.be), Marc De Meyer (marc.de.meyer@africamuseum.be) or Kurt Jordaens (kurt.jordaens@africamuseum.be)


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